Yamaha Concept Resonator 125, PES2, PED2

After the news of Honda for the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, come those of Yamaha, with 20 motorcycles on display at the stand, of which 6 are world premieres and one is Japanese premiere. Yamaha anticipates confirming the presence of electric bicycles, motorcycles, Leaning Multi-Wheelers (or three-wheel vehicles), half recreational off-road (quad or side-by-side) and a car. Also for the first time it will be exposed to a prototype robot capable of driving a motorcycle yourself.

Resonator, small and beautiful 125
Some of these innovations were presented in preview and the resonator 125, the PES2 and PED2, as well as a mysterious teaser of a half to three wheels, probably the concept of a class higher than the scooter Tricity. But let’s go step by step with the first breakthrough.
The Resonator 125 just does what its name, has a 8.1 liter engine embedded in a retro-futuristic style, which somehow resembles the YA-1, the first motorcycle manufactured by Yamaha. It is a design exercise more of that technique, but we admit that is really successful.
Yamaha Concept Resonator 125 3

Yamaha Concept Resonator 125 2

Yamaha Concept Resonator 125
PES and PED evolve
PES2 and PED2 are the natural evolution of PES1 and PES2 visas concept some time ago always in Tokyo. Represent two electric low-end bike, which would then be approved like mopeds and 125. Their characteristic is similar frame and the very personal aesthetic, but we are curious to know also the engine technical information and batteries. PES2 for the dress is of sport type, with a small dome and forms reminiscent of the superbike, while PED2 has the classic look and the chassis of off-road motorcycles.

Three wheels to the Rescue
To finish, the cryptic teaser of the three wheels, that as we see presents large disc brakes on both front wheels and a suspension system with the same principle of the Tricity, but with the shock-absorbing rods on the outside of the wheels. The aesthetic seems typical of a concept, futuristic, angular, and we can not understand whether it is a motorcycle or scooter. The size of the front wheels, however, does not seem to be more than 14-15 inches, so we lean more to one scooterone midrange. Looking forward to new info, tell us what you think of these innovations

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