Wonjan WJ 300 GS

This is nothing new, the Chinese copy often the Made in Italy excellence and – despite even the Asian market is increasingly snubbing this kind of plagiarism – you can still see misguided attempts to make copies of the most appreciated Italian products in the world. This time it happened to a motorcycle, one of the most popular superbike than a few years ago, the 1198.

No shame
We can not certainly say that it is a “free inspiration”, because the fairing and the tail are made exactly like those of the Bologna motorcycle, both in proportions that in the features. The problem lies in the center. The bike is clumsy and small, because in the size effects are compact than Italian. Under these hulls does not hide an L-Twin engine from 1200 cc but rather a small single cylinder 300 cc. You can also see by bike with thin wheels that do not marry at all with the muscular lines of the Ducati.
It almost seems like a successful experiment bad or 1198 after a bad accident, yet the Wonjan manufacturer seems to have taken more than seriously the series production of this bike. The full name, fortunately not copied, is WJ 300 GS (although the “GS” makes us think of Germany), and for the moment does not seem a model destined to arrive in Europe, the continent in which Wonjan not matter.

A Superbike 115 per hour …
The datasheet offends even more Italian masterpiece. Under those little original fairing and the frame trellis (not chrome molybdenum), is a single-cylinder liquid-cooled 300 cc that delivers 19.5 hp at 8,500 r / min, for a maximum torque of 24.5 Nm at 7,000 g / min and 154 kg dry weight. The top speed is 115 km / h, much less than half that Italy’s imitating.

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