Piaggio Wi-Bike

Made entirely in Italy, from design to production, the bicycle pedal assisted Wi-Bike, given by the Piaggio group, slips into a strategic segment and is experiencing rapid growth, which sees constantly increase the interest from fans. The two-wheeled Piaggio, ecological and innovative, is assisted by an electric motor of 250W-350W power, with the battery able to act as a burglar alarm. Let’s discover together all the features in detail.

four versions

To support the pedal stroke, a compact and technological electric motor, positioned just behind the frame, above the pedals, capable of expressing a power of 250 W-350 W and 50 Nm of torque. Wi-Bike is available in 4 versions, which are distinguished by color and construction. The Comfort model, entry level of the range, rewards accessibility and ease of use, in addition to being provided in the frame version without high spout, for easier uphill riding. The latter is offered as standard in comfort version, along with telescopic and attack adjustable handlebar fork. Three frame sizes available, while for changing the options are two: traditional or mechanical CVT with manual action. Wi-Bike Comfort plus features superior facilities such as a saddle and leather ergonomic grips. Here too, two exchange options: electronically conrtrollo or CVT with manual action. You can choose between unisex and male version. Active is the version from the more sporty design, which is characterized by three options gearbox: the traditional mechanical, to drive to manual action and to drive with electronic control. Active plus, finally, is the top of the range in terms of style and equipment, with dedicated graphics layout variants and well-kept, from the materials. The frame is available in men’s version (with high spout) in two different sizes (M and L). Two different options for the change: in variator manually operated or electronically controlled.

Piaggio Wi-Bike

Innovative …

Piaggio Wi-Bike is proposed as a true epitome of technology. From the “contactless” display, which automatically feeds from the control unit, and that works just like a smart-key, thus making it unusable Wi-Bike once removed. To ensure good battery life between 60 and 120 km, provides a lithium-ion battery of 400 Wh, positioned under the seat, in correspondence of the vertical pipe; the same is able to function as a satellite alarm, thanks to a GPS / GSM module. An interesting solution to be a bit ‘more relaxed in the parks in the city.

Control everything with your smartphone

Piaggio, the Wi-Bike, has developed a version of “dedicated” the multimedia platform known PMP (Piaggio Multimedia Platform), thanks to which bike and smartphones can connect via bluetooth. A feature in continuous development, with app ever new and increasing steadily, from satellite navigation utility for everyday use and for the middle management.

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