Yamaha X-Max 300 2017

Yamaha anticipates all and has two weeks before the EICMA X-Max 300, Max number of new scooter that fits into the new 300 cc engine range equipped with Blue Core Technology and refreshes the look of the series, introducing new…
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BMW R nineT Racer

Today we talk about it much, because they are fashionable. Because like an older generation of melancholy and attract bikers, so perhaps unexpected, the new generation of fashion-conscious biker to performance. Are so-called cafĂ© racer, motorcycle belonging to a category…
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Suzuki DL250 Concept

Suzuki will soon on our roads the new GSX-R 250/300, a long-awaited by the market of small sports bike that will compete with the other Supersport 300, now that this category has become a world-class production-based series. Waiting, however, another…
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Kymco K Rider 400 2017

Not long ago we brought you some patents from Kymco representing a new bike, the first mid-size of the Taiwanese brand and an excellent opportunity to enter into a new market category, now that his scooter products are widespread and…
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Kymco AK550 2017

Kymco is undoubtedly one of the most innovative manufacturers of scooters and active in the sector. The Tainwanese company has contributed to the development of the BMW C650 and works closely with Kawasaki for the realization of his scooter. A…
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