Kawasaki Z900RS

Kawasaki would be to revive a legendary name, which has made a fool of a generation of riders and represented the peak maxi motorcycle production for several years: Z900. In a historical period in which the “longing operations” are almost always great success, even at Akashi would present a vintage it hits the heart.

A new vintage … supercharged?
The rumors come from MCN magazine, who also proposed a final name: Z900RS, initial recorded recently by the company. According to the English magazine this name will also be linked to the SC-02 Concept, the widely heralded bike (EICMA 2015) which should represent the new bike “turbo” home. Making two plus two, comes logical to think of a Z900RS supercharged, but it is very likely that the new vintage is naturally aspirated and 4 cylinders as the original ’70s, and that overfeeding is destined to a new three-cylinder model from 675cc, which would bring the H1 name as the legendary Mach III.

This fall we’ll find out
We still have a lot of question marks, but at EICMA will finally be able to put some pieces to the right place. Kawasaki has already announced plans to introduce 12 new bikes between 2017 and 2018, we expect at least one third of these new names during the winter fairs this year. We look forward, as we look in the graphics processing because oils is very likely that the final lines of the new “Z” are similar to this interpretation.

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