Kawasaki J125

The sabidillo he thought the J300 was a mere commercial strategy by Kawasaki … missed. With this, the first scooter in its history, the house of Kobe has already sold more than 3,500 units and its success can be compared to the Z300. That’s why the official distributors of the brand and are rubbing their hands with the arrival of the products concerned these lines: J125.

Kawasaki J125
It did not have a ball of the future to deduce that soon we would have a member ‘J’ input. The J125 is the consolidation of Kawasaki scooters in the market and leads to think that we will see other versions of upper-and displacements, why not, new models-. With it, Kawasaki can attract users by their disparate qualities of utility and being suitable for A1 license. Youth, women, inexperienced drivers, non-motorcyclists, car owners, many of them put their eyes on the J125.

Looking ahead to 2017, the J125 complies with Euro 4 emissions from Kawasaki say that although all motorcycles and scooters that are manufactured next year must have ABS, there are still customers who prefer to do without the system, and that they have made a version with and one without ABS. But in our view, the ABS is essential in a modern scooter as the J125, and needless to mention why.

Scooter “Ninja-Z”

Kawasaki has chosen the city of Malaga to show us the J125, which we saw in premiere at the Milan EICMA room and now we have known in detail. Like his older brother 300cc, the J125 comes as a complete vehicle for getting around town and one of the 125cc scooters higher range. Again positively surprised by the elegance of its design, which is due to components such as dual front headlight multireflectores and 3-with position lights with LED bulbs at the edges, which is integrated into a front that wants to emulate the Kawasaki Ninja family.

 We found a panel of instruments semidigital blue light that informs us of all necessary data: analog speedometer and tachometer, multifunction LCD panel with odometer, dual tripmeter, service mode indicator, clock, fuel gauge, coolant temperature gauge and engine warning symbol. J125 taillights reminiscent of those of the family Z. The truth is that these flashes of Ninja and Z make it an aggressive look scooter but no less elegant.
Don cities

 Kawasaki has provided a space under the seat with a capacity to house a full face helmet, which can also store a briefcase or other objects smaller and which is illuminated by a small LED light. Storage continues with a glove equipped with 12 V socket, cargo hook folding, rear rack, GIVI trunk of different measures (optional) and a power switch tampering and theft.
J125 ergonomics seeks maximum comfort for our daily journeys. We see in his seat with silver bicolor, quilted seams and wide, in which even the passenger can sit with extreme comfort. Although the distance of the seat from the ground has seemed something strange in this scooter, it compensates with a footrest inclined so that we can easily put your feet on the ground.

First impressions

At the time, the Japanese relied on KYMCO Super Dink engine 300 to equip your J300. Now Kawasaki has once again bet on a propeller Taiwan’s 125cc 4-valve liquid-cooled. In the heart of Malaga we have found the proper functioning of the fuel injection, the instant and appropriate response to boot semaphore in Semaphore response. Although in general, its power delivery which suits us we demand the J125, and it has to do its continuously variable transmission (CVT).

Then we left the city to see how it behaves in intercity environments. Its top speed is between 110 and 120 km / h, more than enough for a small displacement scooter. The brand gives us the option to equip it with a larger than standard, we can be very useful precisely in the suburbs optional display. We also tested the J125 in twisty and our feelings have been satisfactory. It seems that, increasingly, scooters low and medium engine “dare” to move freely outside the city, and this case is no exception.

Steel chassis diamond-shaped, with a telescopic front fork, double rear shock absorbers, brakes front and rear lobed disk, front wheels 14 ‘and rear 13’ ‘makes not only be a sports scooter Aesthetically, but somehow their driving also can be. Good support when cornering, stability and security when it comes to bow -in part because the ground clearance is considerable to be a Scooter-. J125 comfort is felt throughout. The best has seemed the seat width and comfort and space under the seat for its high load capacity, both essential to move our weary routine …
The price of Kawasaki J125 remains unknown, although we know that will be marketed from January 2016. We have tested the Black Anthracite Metallic Flat version, which combines matt black with green Kawasaki, but will also be available in the Frosted versions Metallic Ice White (white), and Anthracite Metallic Black (black). For his first scooter input, Kawasaki has done its homework and notes. Now you need to know what their impact on the market. Expectations should be higher than the J300 by its ability to cover an even bulkier groups. We’ll see how it evolves this scooter “Ninja-Z”!

Technical Highlights

– Single cylinder 125cc SOHC 4-valve liquid-cooled.

– Aggressive front with double headlight reminiscent of the Ninja.

– Ergonomic and space under the seat with large seating capacity.

– Optional ABS.

– Many free distance to the ground and tilted footrests.

– High quality finishes and available in 3 colors.

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