Honda Scooter SH300i

2015 Honda brings significant changes to its SH300i, spearheading its range of high wheel scooters. Practical aspects and mechanical approval are among the most noticeable changes, while LED lighting in the front and rear and a starting system “hands free” are emerging.

Occasions chest under saddle and seat height up

Mechanically, the single cylinder 279.1 cc win the 2015 SH300i couple at low and midrange (max 26.5 Nm at 6000 r / min) through a revisited injection and reduced internal friction. This reduction in friction also help to lower consumption (but Honda does not specify how many) as well as emissions.

The winged emblem also proudly announces that this engine 27.2 hp water-cooled is the “first to meet the Euro 4 standard.”

The tubular steel frame has been slightly lengthened to improve both the stability and payload capacity under the seat (one of the main weaknesses of large-wheeled scooters).

The wheelbase lengthens therefore from 1422 to 1438 mm and a helmet between now under the seat. Real progress in that it was difficult to store a jet before!

However, a careful reading of the data sheet shows that Honda has also used another “trick” to gain payload capacity: saddle height rises from 785 to 805 mm! Ignored in the technical file of the new model, this change will impact necessarily accessibility.

In the same vein, if the winged emblem is delighted to have won “1 kg compared to the previous model” (169 kg against 170), it does not detail the method used to achieve this reduction. But this is simple: the pleasant coupled braking series C-ABS is replaced by a “simple” no Combined ABS, lighter but also cheaper and less effective.

However, render unto Caesar what belongs to Honda: this vintage 2015 SH300i seems better than the old in many ways, including mechanical and practical, for example with the starting device “keyless” installed as standard on this popular model in Italy.

The availability of the Honda SH300i scooter is scheduled for summer 2015, gray, white, black, red and a very elegant blue. Its price is not yet known, but inflation is probably to be expected compared to € 5,149 requested for the current model (redesigned and tested by MNC in 2011). To follow: stay tuned!

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