Honda PCX 125 2017

A bestseller that blows of practicality and economy of use, has been able to win the heart of the urban commuter in Europe. His weapons are known and can be summarized as: an average fuel consumption of 47.4 km / l in the combined cycle, a compartment large enough to accommodate a full-face helmet and an allocation of very rich series, which boasts the system start-stop, lights LED front and rear, 12V AC socket; but above all, a list price of the most affordable on the market. The new PCX125 my 2017 is available now at all Honda authorized dealerships to 2,775 euros f.c.

Honda PCX 125 2017

More and more “green”

In this new version, to make the Honda scooter even more environmentally friendly, comes the Euro4 approval for single cylinder SOHC engine (SOHC) from 125 cc. lightweight and compact unit, which also benefits from the “start-stop” function of the idle engine stop (can be deactivated). If switched on when the engine is at low idle for 3 seconds it will automatically shut down and then restart immediately when you turn the throttle grip. A system that reduces, not only consumption, but also the harmful emissions during the stops, such as the classic one at the traffic lights.

small wheels

Password: agility. A mission married full from the envelope of the chassis PCX125, from solid frame made of steel tubes with 1,315 wheelbase and weight, with a full tank of fuel, 130 kg. “Quickness” also increased from the wheels “small” feature cast aluminum wheels 14 “5-spoke, that fit tires for Michelin City Grip scooter. To ensure safe shutdowns then provides the combined braking system Honda CBS sharing with effectiveness of the force applied between the front disc brake and rear drum, distributing part of the braking force on the front brake when using the rear brake, for smooth and gradual braking.

available accessories

The really wide range of accessories planned to meet every need:

• Windshield
• Rear rack
• trunk support
• 26-liter glove Satchel
• Lock U
• scooter cover external
• Alarm Kit Honda
• muffler Stickers
• Wheel Stickers

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