Honda Neowing

Honda jumps in the three wheels and it does through the front door, or that of “big bike”. The entrance of the Japanese giant in the world of overhead tricycles had been expected for a long time, but most of the fans would have expected a scooter with three wheels for Yamaha Tricity or Piaggio Mp3 style, certainly not a big bikes from featured lines and the hybrid engine. It’s called Neowing and is part of the Honda motorcycle boxer dynasty.

How to cross a Gold Wing with a Mp3
Like the Gold Wing, this Neowing has wings in the name and the boxer engine under the hulls, but it is a beautiful 4-cylinder from the futuristic and square shapes, equipped with a hybrid system with the support of an electric motor to generate a even greater torque of the simple combustion engine. This most likely power the new Gold Wing System.

Honda Neowing

As for the technical, hard to go deep with a single photo available, but it is clear the tilting system, beautiful low curved chassis that brings the center of gravity close to the ground and the chassis beautiful setting with giant rear wheel and brakes automotive sizes. Aesthetics is bad, edges are sharp and generally is really muscular and beautiful.

Honda speaks of revolution
Honda reveals so not too veiled contents of this really interesting concept: “Neowing is a motorcycle with three wheels unprecedented, which offers a driving feel similar to that of a superbike and excellent stability even at low speeds. The vehicle is equipped with a 4-cylinder horizontally and electric motors that provide faster acceleration and lots of torque. with the adoption of a patented front suspension from Honda this concept offers new values ​​with advanced aesthetic that emphasizes the charm of the traditional two wheels. ” What bike will jump out inspired by this concept in the future?

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