Honda Falcon NX4

The Honda NX4 Falcon is one of the favorite models of the bikers thanks to its size, maneuverability and agility, making it perfect for city as it allows navigating the streets easily. In the category on-off and is a reference to so-called “urban trail”. Ideal for adventurers in search of new sensations and roads.

This bike has a modern, striking and striking design, certainly brand presence wherever you go. One of the more successful models is offered by the combination of blue hues and metallic silver, dark in both cases, and with graphics that convey modernity and differentiation from the rest. If you want a bike that is also pretty powerful, it is yours. Discover the features below.

The best of the Honda NX4 Falcon

Has an OHC, RFVC cylinder engine, air-cooled and dry sump oil tank, 4-stroke, power over carburetor displacement of 397.2 cc, compression ratio of 8.8: 1, CDI ignition with position sensor acceleration and 5-speed transmission. Front suspension is telescopic fork of 220 mm. travel, and the rear is a Pro-Link system 195 mm. stroke.

Its front brake hydraulic disc (256 mm.), And the rear is 220 mm. It has a gas tank with 15.3 liters capacity, with the 5.3 liter reserve. The front tire is 90 / 90-21 M / C 54S, and the rear is 120 / 90-17 M / C 64S. Finally, it is having a dry weight of 152 kg., Well manageable for bikers hands.

Last version

Everything about Honda NX4 Falcon
Thanks to the agility and strength, you can move through any terrain quite naturally, which combined with the perfect combination of engine and its other components makes it perfect for all users, both asphalt and other fields more irregular.

In the latest version, made last 2014, was added a board 100% digital, and a trunk that has a higher load capacity than previous versions. On the board you will find the necessary indicators: tachometer, speedometer, fuel level, high beam, turn signals, neutral indicator lights. Finally, very interesting also its braking system, much more precise, and the starter.

Best and worst

The best of this is that Honda is very attractive aesthetics, its very powerful and quiet engine, and lets take a seat, perfect for long journeys comfortable position. By searching for something bad or not so good, the lack of housing cover is something that should be considered for future versions, as it is important for when roads with loose or too rough stones are crossed. Finally, it would be nice to be aluminum wheels

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