Energica EsseEsse9 Concept

Maybe at first someone will not say anything but the name of this concept Energetic, EsseEsse9, refers directly to the state 9 of the Via Emilia, the one that runs through the so-called “de ‘Mutor” Earth. All with the intention – by the Modena team in recent years has worked hard to bring out the segment of the sporting power – to understand the level achieved to date from its own means: more and more futuristic technical solutions now literally put on display – the EsseEsse9 is a naked – on this concept. And so for the first time you can see the chest containing rechargeable batteries. A component specifically designed to prevent internal heat and the possible consequences in terms of life and decrease efficiency of the batteries. All this happens thanks to a cooling plate in aluminum with through holes, used for the 2 half-shells which “wrap” the case and the central cooling septum.
The design of the bike course is affected by the technical choices, with some compromise in terms of lines, although the general hi-tech footprint result in quite pleasant. To make this punching EsseEsse9, finally, they have been used fine materials without compromise in order to obtain more light weight as possible, such as structural plates machined from solid aluminum

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