Suzuki DL250 Concept

Suzuki will soon on our roads the new GSX-R 250/300, a long-awaited by the market of small sports bike that will compete with the other Supersport 300, now that this category has become a world-class production-based series. Waiting, however, another…
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Suzuki GSX-R125

Suzuki thinks the younger unveiling at Intermot 2016, the GSX-R 125, a super small displacement that teases the imagination of teenagers who dream of becoming pilots. It has an effect similar to that of older sisters design and promises to…
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Suzuki GSX-S750 2017

You stand bursting to Suzuki at Intermot 2016. Yes, because among the many new features also stands out the new GSX-S750, younger sister of the already famous GSX-S1000, it inherits the design. 114 hp sculpted and aggressive lines characterize the…
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Suzuki Concept GSX

In these days of great news ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, Suzuki also has a concept that heralds the arrival of something very substantial, but it is not a prototype in the strict sense of the term. As…
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